Rosalie Bay, Simply Magical

Rosalie Bay, was simply Magical. An absolute oasis on one of the most pristine Islands that the Caribbean has to offer. From the moment we arrived we felt relaxed, safe and at home. Unlike traditional resorts, Rosalie Bay offers 28 bungalow style rooms, which are free standing buildings, scattered across the lush Caribbean property. This setup offers solitude and tranquility, making your stay an absolute escape from the realities of the real world.

We stayed in the King Riverside Suite, it was perfectly located next to the restaurant and pool. In the mornings I would open the door to the back terrace and enjoy the sounds of the river as the kids watched for birds hunting in the river below. The rooms at Rosalie Bay are huge, the suites offer indoor and outdoor sitting areas, a huge bedroom, often a desk area and a bathroom built for a Queen.

Rosalie bay has something for everyone; whether luxury, pampering, sea turtle conservation or adventure is your goal, Rosalie Bay will deliver.

Sea turtle conservation brought us here, and Rosalie Bay did not disappoint. Upon check in reception asks if you want sea turtle notifications. Why of course! We’ll get into our sea turtle experiences further here, but for now, let me go on about this magical resort.

The Nature Enhancement Team, a safety NET for sea turtles, conducts sea turtle conservation activates and educational programs to protect the many endangered sea turtle species that nest on the beaches of Dominica. Simon and Judy, president and vice president of NET, have a love and devotion to sea turtle conservation that is beyond inspiring.

Endangered species nest on the black sand beach of Rosalie Bay from March to October, guests have the opportunity to witness a 1,000 lb giant leatherback sea turtle nesting in the dark of the night, and the opportunity to witness a baby turtle make its grand run for the sea.

Rosalie Bay offers a wide array of programs for sea turtle enthusiasts’.

  • Sea turtle hatchings. The tiniest of miracles. Sometimes nests emerge naturally, and other times Simon excavates the nest, giving the tiny turtles a chance to survive that they otherwise wouldn’t have had. We came too early in the season to witness the hatchlings, but are in the sea turtle WhatsApp group, where we are kept in the loop with nesting’s, and hatchings.
  • Sea turtle nesting. Guests are given the opportunity to run down to the beach to witness a sea turtle nesting under the dark of the night. A truly magical experience, one we were lucky enough to witness twice!
  • Conservation efforts. If sea turtles hold a special place in your heart, you won’t want miss out on these opportunities. In addition to witnessing sea turtles nesting, guests also have the opportunities to patrol the beaches, and to help the researchers measure and tag sea turtles, and relocate nests to the sanctuary.
  • Educational walks. Judy will give you the grand tour of the beach. You have the opportunity to see the patrol huts, the hatchling sanctuary, and search for sea turtle tracks.

We had the opportunity to walk The Nature Trail with Judy, and what a treat that was. We started at the resort and walked to NET’s sea turtle center. The well maintained walking trail, runs along one of Dominica’s 365 rivers. It provides opportunities to jump rocks in the river and learn about the many species of plants that are native to Dominica. You are welcome to do this trail on your own, but Judy really explains everything and points out every species, so it is worth it to ask her to join you.

The Rosalie River that runs past the entrance to Rosalie Bay is a great place for kids to explore, cool off and swim. We spent hours searching for shells, and splashing in the shade under the palm trees. It is a local favorite as well, across the river you will see families spending the days with their kids playing in the shallows of the river. After hurricane Maria, families would come down to the rivers to do their wash, as the Island was without electricity for months on end.

The Glo Spa, is an absolute must. The spa is built right alongside the river, the sound of running water plays in the background as you enjoy pampering. Come relax and rejuvenate. The spa offers massages, facials, hydrotherapy, manicures, pedicures, waxing and more. For a full list of services click here.

The spa also offers a nature tour across the Rosalie Bay property. I definitely recommend doing this walk, it is so educational, and truly gives you a sense of why Dominica is known as the Nature Island. All different plant species were pointed out to us, and we were educated on their medicinal uses.

At the Restaurant, Chef Nyanda is cooking up a storm. We worked our way through the menu, and tried local dishes that did not disappoint. Everything is so fresh, the servings are huge and the atmosphere is a true open air Caribbean vibe. The staff was incredible, always friendly and accommodating. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner here and never got tired of the menu.

The Pool, is truly an oasis in the middle of the resort. Located right outside the restaurant, is perfect for anyone. This large kidney shaped pool has a splash end, perfect for kids to run and play in. We spent our days poolside, swimming, lounging, and watching the birds and lizards sun themselves. If you leave your drink unattended for too long a little bird will come along to enjoy a sip of your drink.

The Black Sand Beach, while not for swimming because of strong currents, is magical. Come in the morning to search for turtle tracks or in the afternoon, but definitely avoid the beach in the heat of the day. The black stand really heats up, and will burn your feet if you don’t wear shoes.

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