Travelling with a baby can seem like a daunting task, but having the right travel gear (and not too much of it) makes travel a lot easier. How in the world are you supposed to carry a fly tot, travel bed, travel highchair, baby monitor, baby carriers, car seats, noise machines, pack n’ plays, etc. all while keeping track of your child and trying to actually enjoy your travels? I take a very minimal approach, that less is more, and have found that you do not need as many gadgets, accessories and essentials as you think you would. Remember there are babies all over the world, baby products are widely available everywhere. The items below are my personal favorites, that I have used while travelling, the pictures prove it!

Wild Bird Ring Sling

Our favorite baby carrier. They are lightweight, compact and stylish. I have used this from birth – 14 months.

Price $74.95 – $124.95


Sakura Bloom Onbuhimo Carrier

Our 2nd favorite baby carrier. They are lightweight, compact, and stylish. Great for when your little one starts getting mobile. I love this carrier for airports, and sightseeing where there strollers aren’t realistic.

Price $160.00 – $260.00


Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller

A great affordable stroller, perfect from 6 months on. It is not an infant stroller, and does not have an infant car seat attachment option.

Price $71.99 – $99.99


Car Window Shade

If you are renting a car these are a must, they keep the sun off your little one. They take up no room at all in the suitcase and cling to the window with static.

Price $12.97


Fawn Design Fawny Pack

I am so glad that fanny packs came back into style, they are so functional. I use this to hold passports, id, my small wallet & phone.

Price $54.99


Lily Jade Diaper Bag

The Madeline in Canvas is the bag I love, it can be a cross body, shoulder bag, or backpack. It has loads of storage, with an organized insert. You can buy an ‘outlet’ bag at a bargain!

Price $180.00 – $240.00


Baby Bjorn Original Carrier

A great product, from a brand that has been around for decades. This was great for us from 2 months – 8 months, we quickly outgrew it.

Price $79.99


I have found that it is not necessary to bring a highchair, pack n’ play, car seat, baby monitor, noise machine or bath tub. Most accommodations will be more then willing to provide you with a highchair and pack n’ play, all you have to do is ask! Restaurants around the world have highchairs, bringing a portable one is not necessary.

Packing Cubes

Perfect for organizing the suitcase, makes unpacking at a destination a breeze. They are lightweight and aren’t bulky. Includes a laundry bag.

Price $24.99


Kids Headphones

There are some great headphones for kids, they fold up and are available with the auxiliary cord, or wireless with blue tooth.

SHOP HERE – with cord

SHOP HERE -wireless


I have found that there are so many options, and we have tried many. This fan blows some serious cool air, and also makes a great white noise while the fan is spinning. It is rechargeable and the bendable legs make it perfect for strollers & carseats.


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