We spent a month over the Summer travelling around Ireland and still have so much left to explore. We stayed with a friend from Ireland for our first week, where we were spoiled with local knowledge and authentic experiences. Then shoved off to see the country, and boy did we see a lot! From Dublin, we headed across to Galway, then down to Co. Clare, Co. Kerry and finished our time in Co. Cork. We got a good taste of the Country but would love to return, as there seriously is so much to see and do.

  • Dublin
  • Co. Wicklow
  • Co. Cavan
  • Co. Meath
  • Co. Westmeath
  • Co. Galway
  • Inishmore, Aran Islands
  • Co. Clare
  • Co. Limerick
  • Co. Kerry
  • Co. Cork

Tips for travelling Ireland with kids: I was impressed with how child friendly the whole country was. From the moment we landed in the country to the moment we left, I was made to feel that travelling with my kids (ages 1.5 & 5.5 years old) was not an inconvenience to anyone, they were welcomed everywhere with open arms. Kids are very welcome in Pubs, the beaches are sandy and stunning, and the playgrounds in Ireland are next level.

Getting around Ireland: Public transportation in Ireland is not very reliable and sparce, so unless you are on an organzed tour, you need a rental car. Allow yourself more time then you think you need to get from point A to point B, while the distance might not look far, a lot of the roads are super narrow and windy, with slower speed limits, and sheep could and will cause a traffic jam or two. Rental cars in Ireland since Covid, are not cheap, especially in the Summer. You could easily spend $1500/week on a car.

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