Uzzano, Buggiano, & Montecatini Alto

Tuscany is filled with the most charming villages, and it always it worth taking the road less travelled and exploring the tiny villages dotting the hills. We took one day to do just this.

From our Air BNB in Uzzano we drove up the road to the ‘old town’ of Uzzano. the Old Town preserves 1500 and 1600 buildings, the craftsmanship and old town charm. The locals all had their laundry out on the lines to dry, a site very common in the tiny villages. From the top of the village at the tower, was the most amazing view of the valley and hillsides dotted with olive trees.

We drove the winding roads to Buggiano, which is fact, not just a town, but a collection of hamlets in the hills of the Val di Nievole. These hamlets make up Buggiano, which is a slice of old Tuscany. Borgo di Buggiano (the biggest of the villages), Buggiano Castello, Colle di Buggiano, and Malocchio, are the hamlets that make up Buggiano.

We explored the lovely villages of Colle di Buggiano & Buggiano Castello. Bolle di Buggiano, was tiny and so quaint. As suggested by the name, which means “Hill of Buggiano”, the village stands on a hill above Buggiano. It’s origin dates to about the year 500. Colle and its neighborhood has a population of about 300 people. The roads to Colle di Buggiano were surrounded by hills covered in olive trees, and dropped off into steep valleys. The roads of Tuscany are not for the faint of heart.

From Buggiano we drove to Montecatini Alto, which had more amazing views and a lovely city center. The afternoons in Tuscany get very hot and humid, so I had to cool my baby girl. The main square, is rich with restaurants, where you can enjoy good wine and traditional Tuscan dishes.

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